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TUK Webinar oct2020

The Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) aims to facilitate education, training and research in science, engineering and technology and create an enabling environment for research innovations which are relevant to national socio-economic development. The Universities research agenda is intended to build capabilities and competencies which will contribute and support the interface of Science, Engineering & Technology and Sustainable development. The TU-K has established a platform for research integration into academia which is geared towards developing innovative solutions in science, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, industry, and, in policy and decision-making.

The development of applied research at TU-K is guided by the national priorities in research and development and the principles articulated in the Kenya Sector Plan for Science and Technology.  The TU-K encourages both basic research and applied research and promotes University and industry collaborations which will result in outcomes that benefit mankind.

TU-K Research Framework

Research Seminars

Participants at the 4th Technical University of Kenya International Conference held at the Sarova Panafric  Hotel on 21st- 23rd February 2018. The conference thematic area was  Technology and Innovation for Societal Transformation. More than 100 participants drawn from local regional and international academic and research institutions attended the 3 day event >> Read More



TU-K Research Proposal Writing Workshop
Participants with facilitators during proposal writing workshop at Methodist Guest House, Nairobi on 22nd-23rd June 2017  >> Read More

TU-K Research News



SDG Partnership facility

(Updated August 2019) With the SDG Partnership facility (SDGP), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with RVO.nl, aims to contribute to the achievement of various sustainable development goals in developing countries. Companies, public institutions, NGOs and knowledge institutions that want to cooperate in a PPP in order to contribute to sustainable development goals (SDGs) in developing countries can receive grant funding from the SDGP facility from 2019 onwards.


Research News