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Our Mission

The TU-K research mission broadly encompasses the identification of research priorities for solutions to societal problems and knowledge advancement and dissemination, coupled with transfer of technology. As such, frontier research at the TU-K is anchored in the institutional mandate of demand-driven approaches to address the most pressing societal challenges.   Students and Faculty at TU-K are engaged in research in both individual disciplines and collaborative projects to generate evidence-based research which will accrue benefits in national, regional and global science, engineering, technology and innovation initiatives.  The research activities at TU-K aim to actively contribute to knowledge and to produce intellectual material which is applicable to and can be transferred to society, which is a key component of the legitimacy of institutions of higher learning.  

TU-K has developed an institutional research framework which will focus resources to address societal challenges using individual, multidisciplinary and collaborative research approaches both internally and with public and private partners. TU-K also endeavours to support research contribution to the advancement of higher vocational education and practical knowledge for professional practice.  These research activities are aimed at cultivating relationships and synergy with government and industry and, assisting Students and Faculty in developing research which is essential for growing economies.

Kenya Government Science and Technology Regulations: