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Ndikaru wa Teresia*

Publication by same author

Introduction to Penology: Drop the Gun or Pick a Room

Year: 2022
 ABOUT THE BOOK This book is written by Dr Ndikaru wa Teresia whose interest is in the subject

Research Methodology for Students of Social Sciences (Volume 2)

Year: 2021
Volume Two of Research Methodology is comprised of a well-detailed method and clearly defined steps

Research Methodology for Students of Social Sciences (Volume 1)


Year: 2020
Volume One of Research Methodology comprises a well-detailed approach and clearly defined steps and

Crime Differentials In Metropolitan Slum Areas: An Analysis Of Slums In The City Of Nairobi, Kenya

Year: 2011
Rev. Fr. Dr. Ndikaru is a lecturer at The Kenya Polytechnic University - Nairobi. He holds a Ph.D. i