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Year: 2015
Note: *Department of Information and Knowledge Management.


The available evidence reveals that although librarians have made good progress in adapting library Services and products to current realities, usage of libraries remains low.

This situation has been attributed partly to the poor marketing of library services to actual and potential users. Therefore, the library services delivered using shoestring budgets are barely used, occasioning great “losses” to the libraries and their communities. Social media marketing offers a unique opportunity for libraries to increase their visibility and usage by taking services and products to the platforms where their actual and potential users already “hang out.” Many libraries in Africa are experimenting with diverse social media marketing tools in an ad hoc manner with mixed results. This chapter is a practical guide that libraries can use to enhance their competitive advantage through social media marketing. It offers step-by-step action plans and tips on social media marketing for African libraries.

See more at: https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/enhancing-the-competitive-advantage-of-libraries-through-social-media-marketing/127814