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Year: 2020


Volume One of Research Methodology comprises a well-detailed approach and clearly defined steps and notions to exploration work. It is written in a unique way and offers different methods of presentation to support the scholars. The book features subsequent areas of research, definition of Research, Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Identification of the Research Problem, Literature Review, Formulation of the Research Questions or Hypotheses, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Interpretation and Preparation of the Research Report. The book is very suitable to academicians, and upcoming scholars since it will act as a basis of reference for their work. The book is also advantageous as a text book in any of courses leading to the honour of the postgraduate degree in any college and university. The enthusiastic researchers wanting to gain thorough knowledge on research work will find this book a very valuable tool to their education.

Research Methodology for Students of Social Sciences (Volume One)