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Year: 2018


The environment in which library services are currently offered has changed drastically. The volume of information has grown enormously; the variety of information, its sources and format of presentation have increased; the speed of information flow has increased; times and places to experience communication media have expanded; the number of information perspectives and points of view has exploded; and the people's interest in and expectation of the availability of information have grown. The information users have also changed and now exhibit remarkably unique information seeking behaviour. They basically want synthesised information with the least effort. They are intolerant to any forms of delay and get bored very fast. Librarians must understand the emerging information seeking behaviour and the resultant expectations to be able to satisfy the users' information needs closely. As they do so, they must acknowledge that the uptake of traditional services has dropped drastically and that it is much easier to follow the library users into their digital echo chambers than try to attract them back to the conventional library spaces.

See more at: https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/information-seeking-behaviour-in-digital-library-contexts/191572